Announcement of a new publication

3.10.2022 – We are dedicated to unearth the composition of the rare cell population in health and in disease with the support of SanoLibio technology. Our latest discovery is a rare cell type identified by the CD44+/CD24- phenotype that we have shown to be associated with systemic inflammation in general, detecting a healthy donor baseline till severe inflammation. More so, the cell type morphology allowed distinction between low and malignancy-associated high-grade inflammation with a high positive predicted value. The CD44/24 marker contributes to high sensitive follow up of persisting systemic disease in early-stage post-therapy breast and other cancer patients then, providing for the first time a means of objective assessment of therapy success in this patient group. The full potential of this marker is however realized only in combination with all other so far known rare cells, such as circulating endothelial and epithelial, erythroid, parenchymal and mesenchymal cells as to provide a wholesome picture of systemic imbalances.