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SanoLibio is an internationally recognized biomedical technology innovator. Having understood that it is firstly technology that enables advancement, we have opened a new window with our proprietary automated cell separation platform into rare blood cell analysis which is seen as the next generation of liquid biopsy diagnostics potentially managing many health issues of our times, including cancer, myocardial infarction, diabetes and many more. Our unique rare cell enrichment platform called “Walderbach” is one of the very few worldwide to allow comprehensive ultra-rare cell enrichment and detection which is a crucial detail for the understanding of disease evolution and delineation that ultimately leads to better health care.

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SanoLibio GmbH in Liquidation

03.01.2023 – SanoLibio announces the decision to shift operations completely into Thailand and to liquidize SanoLibio GmbH. The decision follows a new positioning strategy to propel the project towards its …

Announcement of a new publication

3.10.2022 – We are dedicated to unearth the composition of the rare cell population in health and in disease with the support of SanoLibio technology. Our latest discovery is a …

SanoLibio in Use

24.05.2022 – SanoLibio announces the commencement of a clinical trial conducted by its partner company Premise Biosystems Co., Ltd. (Thailand) in collaboration with Rama Thibodi Hospital in Bangkok for the …