1. In simple words, what are your doing exactely?
    We have developed a process to enrich circulating tumor cells (CTC) from blood (Liquid Biopsy). Primary tumors release at a very early point in time CTCs. Therefore, CTCs are an excellent early indicator for all types of cancer. A huge hurdle in diagnostic is the extreme low concentration of CTCs. In 1ml blood you will find 1 CTC hidden between 50.000.000 white blood cells (after the removal of red blood cells).
  2. What are your main USPs?
    Our technology offers currently the highest enrichment efficiency available on the market: nearly 4log, combined…
    …with a target cell recovery rate of >95%.
    We have the shortest assay time time compared to our next competitor: 30 min. vs 150 min.
    Right from the beginning we are fousing on a fully automated high-throughput approach which matches market needs
  3. Where do you stand in terms of device development, patents and marketing?
    We have a first prototype (pre-production series) up & running which is in daily use by our clinical validation partner Premise Biosystems, Thailand.
    Our core technology is protected by a granted patent. Currently we are working on the next patent, following our patent strategy.
    Sales & marketing will start in Q4 2018. We have identified our main customers in Europe, the USA and Asia and already warmed up some of them.
  4. When will you introduce your Cell Enricher Single (CES) and Cell Enricher Multi (CEM)?
    The CES first half 2019 and the CEM second half 2019.