SanoLiBio is a German based medtech start-up focusing on the enrichment of rare cells in general and circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in particular taken from liquid biopsy. CTCs are seen as THE early stage cancer biomarkers. They are the first detectable sign of cancer in the human body at all.

A major challenge is to find those CTCs among the other blood particles and make them visible for diagnostics platforms or available for cancer drug development. Therefore, enrichment is an important step before early stage cancer diagnostic can take place.

SanoLiBio has created a proprietary and patent-protected fully automated rare cell enrichment platform called “Walderbach”. Our platform will allow early stage cancer diagnostic in a fast, reliable and affordable way for the very first time.

In Phase I we will establish Walderbach as new benchmark in rare cell enrichment internationally from 2020 onwards. Phase II marks the entry into diagnostic services.