About Us

SanoLiBio, a German based start-up, has developed a fully automated proprietary rare cell enrichment platform. The process can be employed for the liquid biopsy of rare, circulating tumor (CTC) and tumor-associated cells. We aim at diagnostic applications for early stage cancer and non-invasive prenatal diagnostic, and theranostic, prognostic, and cancer drug development in general.

Reliability, cost-efficiency, accessibility, scalability, and diagnostic precision drive our innovation.

SanoLiBio will establish its patent protected rare cell enrichment platform in the clinical routine as new benchmark internationally from 2019 onwards by offering its benchtop devices cell enricher single and later the multi sampler at lowest consumable prices. First data from our clinical partner generated by our prototype suggest an advantage compared to all other available solutions. Currently we are in discussions with potential customers from Europe, the US, China and Thailand.