Our Story

SanoLibio is an internationally recognized biomedical technology innovator. Having understood that it is firstly technology that enables advancement, we have opened a new window with our proprietary automated cell separation platform into rare blood cell analysis which is seen as the next generation of liquid biopsy diagnostics potentially managing many health issues of our times, including cancer, myocardial infarction, diabetes and many more. Our unique rare cell enrichment platform called “Walderbach” is one of the very few worldwide to allow comprehensive ultra-rare cell enrichment and detection which is a crucial detail for the understanding of disease evolution and delineation that ultimately leads to better health care.

SanoLibio has all it needs to evolve products from mind to market, developing the world’s first version of a no-loss cell-based liquid biopsy platform that fully supports a series of clinical and pharmacological applications, comprising cell line development, cell-based diagnostics, such as non-invasive prenatal testing, cancer cell detection and characterization, single cell genomics and general research on rare cells that may involve oncological as well as non-oncological diseases.

Our business is divided into three phases, the first being a technology provider, the second phase developing in-vitro diagnostics in partnership with leaders in the field and the third in fullfilment of the ultimate potential of our platform to revolutionize health screening driven by an internationally experienced founder and management team in place.

Our vision

According to the premise that everything is in the blood, we still need to learn how to read it. The blood circulating ultra-rare cell population is part as well as result of pathological conditions and as such holding a wealth of information awaiting to be discovered potentially capable of transforming and advancing diagnostics to the next level. Our achievement is measured according to the knowledge that is created about this ultra rare cell population and our success is coined with the transformation of health care screening based on cell-based liquid biopsy.

Our Operations

SanoLibio is in its very structure an internationally operating project. SanoLibio was originally founded in April 2017 and registered in Munich. Due to funding opportunities in Asia, SanoLibio’s operations were relocated to Bangkok, Thailand with advantage of cost efficient product development. The current market focus is Asia and Europe building a network in preparation of market entries by the end of 2020.